Transform Your Smile With Same Day Crowns

Transform Your Smile With Same Day Crowns

If you are dealing with a damaged or broken tooth, immediate care is available. Dr. Robert Wyler in Waukesha, WI, provides same-day crowns to repair your smile in one appointment. 

What Are Same Day Crowns?
Getting a crown normally takes a few office visits to your dentist. However, if you can’t wait any longer, you can come into our office and leave with your crowns on the same day. Our staff will do an exam and take an X-ray of your mouth and teeth to check your tooth stability.

Next, we will use computer-aided design to produce a 3D image of your tooth. This 3D image will serve as a model for the tooth. A CEREC machine can create your crowns during this same visit. Getting your same-day crowns in Provo, UT, is a breeze at our office.

Why Use Same Day Crowns?
If you decide to use same-day crowns, you can avoid the potential discomfort of a temporary crown while waiting for a permanent one. You will also have fewer office visits from start to finish. You won’t have to make physical impressions of your teeth since our staff will conduct digital scanning for immediate crowns.

Say goodbye to ongoing tooth decay and continue flashing your smile without interruption. If you are ready for immediate care, call (262) 784-5757 for same-day crowns from Dr. Robert Wyler in Waukesha, WI.