Importance of Flossing

By Robert L. Wyler DDS, SC
November 16, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Flossing  

If you brush your teeth twice a day every day and visit your dentist, Robert L. Wyler DDS, SC, in Waukesha, WI twice yearly like you should, is flossing really necessary? The truth is, it is. Here are three reasons why you need to make flossing a regular part of your daily routine, starting today.Flossing

1. Regular Flossing Protects Your Teeth

While brushing your teeth is effective in getting rid of the majority of the germs and food particles on your teeth, it doesn't get rid of all of them. Germs and food particles also like to hide between the teeth in the small spaces your toothbrush cannot reach. Using floss is the best way to get these tiny offenders out of your mouth and to save your teeth from getting cavities.

2. Regular Flossing Protects Your Gums

Flossing doesn't just protect your teeth; it also helps protect your gums. When germs and food particles are allowed to build up in between your teeth, next to your gum line, they can cause inflammation and gingivitis. Routine flossing is the best way to protect this from happening. Otherwise, you may need to visit your dentist in Waukesha, WI for gingivitis treatment before you know it.

3. Regular Flossing Can Save You Time and Money

Not only is routine flossing quick and inexpensive, but it can actually save you time and money as well. Flossing doesn't just get rid of germs and food particles. It also reduces your risk for cavities, discoloration and a plethora of other health conditions. Floss daily and your chances of needing to see a doctor or dentist for the treatment of these conditions goes down, potentially saving you plenty of time and money.

Brushing and visiting your dentist in Waukesha, WI are two important steps you need to take for good oral hygiene, but they simply aren't enough on their own. You also need to floss every day as well.

If you've neglected to brush and floss regularly and it has affected your oral health, call your Waukesha, WI dentist, Dr. Wyler for an appointment today.